Weekend Courses.

Weekend courses are each offered twice between September 2018 and June 2019. This is to enable as many people as possible to attend.


The dates of the weekend courses are as follows:


Shamanic Power Animal Journeys.

October the 13th-14th 2018 and June the 8th-9th 2019.


Shamanic Spirit Guide Journeys.

November the 10th-11th 2018 and May the 4th-5th 2019.


Shamanic Ancestral Work.

November the 24th-25th 2018 and March the 16th-17th 2019.


Shamanic Drumming.

December the 8th-9th 2018 and May the 11th-12th 2019.


Guided Meditation for Well-Being and Insight.

September the 29th-30th 2018 and December the 1st-2nd 2018.


The price for a weekend course is £120 not including accomodation.

All courses will be held from 12-8pm at an idyllic country setting between Glastonbury and Wells. 


Please email me on bookcourses@rainbowdreamsglastonbury.co.uk to confirm your place and to arrange payment by bank transfer.